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I would have preferred to put a summary of each story with the link but there isn't enough room so they'll go here. Not all stories will have both Diva and Vergil in them, so keep that in mind.

Black Rose King: In the metropolitan opera house, Saya and Diva are ready to finally finish the war between them. But a third rose appears; one that neither of them can defeat.(This has an original story arc with a simple but effective alteration from the end of the anime.)

Sons and daughters of the devil: Vergil and Dante are just regular(with some demonic alterations) high-schoolers, with their only real problems being dealing with each other. But one morning, on their way out the door, they discover that the two of them have sisters. What's more, those two sisters are coming to live with them.(Basically a family story where Dante and Vergil end up meeting their sisters. But with one of them unwilling to believe they are.)

The heartless silver serpent's treasure: Vicious is a heartless, ruthless and otherwise unfriendly fellow who makes his living (and enjoyment) killing people for the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. However, he receives a special assignment which seems to be nothing more than a waste of time. He finds out, though, that it will be the most important thing to him he's ever had.

This Love: Diva and Saya finish a fight in a tower in the wilderness, with Saya's blood going inside Diva's body before she's thrown out the top window. After she regains consciousness, however, she realizes that she is still alive, and that her powers are gone. (A major family fanfiction in which Saya begins treating Diva like her little sister as opposed to her sworn enemy. Turns Blood + on it's head essentially.)

The devil and the diva: After Vergil descends to the depths of the demon world at the end of Devil May Cry 3, he wanders the wasteland searching for Mundus' tower so that he can take the title of demon king for himself. However, he first comes upon an abandoned castle, and its inhabitant, who was killed in the human world and sent here. The interaction between him and this person thrashes his mind to the very brink. Whether he comes back or continues his descent to madness is something only he can decide. (My debut fanfiction and by far the most popular. It is completed and personally it is the one that I am the most proud of. It takes a while to get going, but has a bunch of things to enjoy.)

When the Devil dies, the Diva cries: Sequel to "The devil and the diva" story. This takes place after everyone has returned to the Devil May Cry shop. One day on a seemingly cake-walk mission Vergil is almost killed by an opponent who isn't even taking him seriously. Having overcome his demon side may have made Vergil able to live with everyone around him, but will it cost him his life?(This story has a much different feel to the original and may not be enjoyable to everyone.)

Waking Dream: Reeve is, essentially, the "perfect" human being. He's intelligent, athletic, attractive and is aware of many more things than the people around him. However, this has led him to become bored with life and feel as if he were living in a dream. But he finds a girl one night who he quickly discovers feels even more empty than he does and begins to change.(Aside from "the girl" this story is completely original. It is done in a somewhat different style and can be more explicit and suggestive at times.)

The Panther's Soul: Afterr being expelled from Hueco Mundo and the Espadas Grimmjow intends to go back there and kill all responsible for his expulsion, but meets a stranger and soon becomes involved in a blood feud.(Basically an experiment in seeing what it would be like if there were a story where Diva was "partnered" with a different kind of character. There will be multiple characters from both universes appearing as well.)

The Devil's love, and the Diva's guilt: Several years after defeating Ritorno, what has become a sorts of family at the Devil May Cry shop is getting along well and business is beginning to pick up. However, yet another new enemy is approaching, and it is going to challenge them in a way they could never imagine. Rated M for violence, possible language, and some intimate scenes coming up later on. (Most likely the last of The Devil and the Diva series, I want this one to challenge the greatest theme in the whole trilogy. It's struggle will be very much unlike that of the previous two.)


Black Rose King
Sons and Daughters of the devil
The heartless silver serpent's treasure
This Love
The Devil and the Diva
When the Devil dies, the Diva cries
Waking Dream
The Panther's Soul
The Devil's love, and the Diva's guilt

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