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Diva bio
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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Topic: Fanfiction

    "I can't wait! How about you Haji?" Saya asked her friend who was practically her shadow that was walking with her as she head for Diva's tower. That was a beautiful reference. "Diva's tower". It felt like she was in an opera or a fantasy tale or something.

    "I suppose." He said, uncharismatically. Saya gave a half-frown at this.

    "You know, if you didn't want to come, you didn't have to." She said neutrally.

    "I didn't mean it that way, it's just that there's no point in me going if you're the only person that strange girl is going to talk to.

    "She's not strange!" Saya said in her fair tone despite her irritation. Haji was taken aback somewhat by her outburst. He'd never heard her get angry before. She calmed down.

    "She just isn't used to talking to people I think. It must be so lonely up there in the tower; so alone. I can't even imagine what she feels."

    "I understand. Sorry."

    "No, I'm sorry. Let's just-" Saya looked up, the top of her vision had noticed something jutting out into the sky. It was the tower.

    "Sorry, Haji, we'll talk more later." Saya said as she ran as fast as she could in her dress, over to the bottom of the tower.

    "Diva, are you there?" Saya yelled up to her friend. After a second of silence she heard Diva's quiet response.


    "How are you today?"

    "You want to know how I am feeling?" Diva asked as if she didn't understand it and was trying to learn. Hadn't anybody talked to her?


    "I am feeling sore."  Saya frowned.

    "Why do you feel sore?"

    "The cuts haven't healed yet." Saya was worried Diva may have had an accident in her room.

    "Did you fall and hurt yourself?!" Saya asked, worried.

    "Why is it that you are speaking that way?" Saya didn't understand what she meant at first.

    "You mean the way I sounded when I said it?"


    "It's because I was worried about you."

    "Were you really?" Diva asked in a tone that hurt Saya's heart.


    "Thank you." Saya felt sad just being around Diva like this. You're not supposed to say "thank you" when someone cares about you. You're not supposed to feel like you have to! An act of kindness, of caring, shouldn't have to be accompanied by a thank you. Yet Diva was in a situation where she thought it should. Saya couldn't think of a word that could describe how much sadness she felt at that.

    "Diva, you don't have to thank me for caring about you." Saya said neutrally, not wanting it to seem like she was angry at her.

    "I... don't?" Diva was taking all this in like an interesting subject in studies. It seemed like a science or something to her, as opposed to just talking and being friendly.

    "No. I'm being kind to you, so I don't expect to get something in return. I just care about you."

    "So thoughtfulness is not something to be thankful for?" Saya felt herself wanting to cry. Though she was able to stifle the feeling Saya made a sound as a result which Diva noticed.

    "Did I say something wrong?! Please don't leave!" Diva said everything in a quiet tone, but Saya could feel just how desperate Diva was.

    "No, you didn't say anything wrong. And I'm not going to leave. It just made me sad to hear you say it that way. You shouldn't have to be thankful towards someone who's kind to you because all they want to do is help you. It's... wrong." There were a few seconds of silence between them.

    "I'm sorry."

    "No, that's not what I meant!" Saya said loudly, but with no anger in her voice.

    "What I meant was that you shouldn't have to feel that way. That is what saddened me."

    "Thank you." Saya's emotions had switched on her, and this time it made her laugh.

    "What were you doing?" Though it would normally have saddened Saya for Diva to not know what laughing meant, the layer of humor hadn't melted from her mind yet.

    "It's called laughing. People do it when something amuses them."

    "I amuse you?" The humor faded from Saya's mind as she felt bad about making Diva think that way.

    "No, I'm not laughing at you. I just found something funny and I couldn't stop before you started speaking again.

    "Was I talking too much?"

    "No. You don't talk that much at all."

    "I'm sorry." Saya started to feel somewhat amused again.

    "I didn't mean it as an insult. I just wanted to say you don't talk too much."


    "So, what is it you do during the day?"

    "I wait for you to come back."

Posted by a-diva-chevalier at 7:31 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 12 February 2008 9:48 AM EST
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Topic: Fanfiction

The sun had almost made it into the middle of the sky. That meant that it was almost "noon" as everyone described it. Diva found it painful to look into the sun while waiting for Saya to come back, but that was okay. She was used to pain. At that moment, Diva felt much warmer than usual. She hugged herself, smiling. The rare movement taxed Diva's face muscles but that was okay. Because Saya would be coming back today, and they would talk again. Just thinking about it made all of her pain disappear and only happiness was left over.

    "Saya, my friend, will be coming back soon." Diva said to herself as if confirming it. Like remembering something wonderful that was going to happen later in the day when you wake up early in the morning. A bit of wind blew into the room and made Diva's hair blow away from her face, and at that moment she felt beautiful. Not just in how she looked, but in how she felt. Diva's arms, her legs, face, chest, stomach and back. Her brain and her tounge, her toes and her fingers... everything just felt so very beautiful. Diva waited patiently, happily, for Saya, her friend and only thing that mattered to her to come back.

Posted by a-diva-chevalier at 7:08 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 6 February 2008 7:18 AM EST
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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Topic: Fanfiction

It was warmer out today than yesterday. She had fallen asleep but didn't dream. She wished she had. Why hadn't she been dreaming? Did she not earn another dream? She did not know. The warm weather would help her plants grow. They didn't like it during the winter. The plants would shrivel and fall down then no matter how much water she gave them. However this year she had discovered something on the strands of ivy. There was a small bulb of something. At first she hadn't known what it was, but after pouring more water on the bulb than other places of the ivy plant she began to see it sprout into something beautiful. There were several folds of it that came out in a kind of natural shape. The beautiful plant was blue, the exact same color that the stripe of her dress had been when she first received it.  For many days she had just stared at the bulb and admired it's beauty. The plant was her treasure. She would sacrifice her cloak if it meant keeping the plant. It's pure blue color made her lose thought sometimes and when she came to it would be much later in the day. Today she was singing. It was something she enjoyed; singing. Though no one ever told her that they liked it the singing made her feel complete. It made her feel like she existed. She did not know how she came up with the song. She had not heard it come from the times when there were bursting lights in the sky at night and people were making a lot of noise. So there was nothing she could have heard it from. Perhaps she had made it up herself. She did not know where it came from, but she enjoyed it. It always saddened her when she reached the end of the song, but she could always sing it again. Perhaps that was why she enjoyed singing so much. Because she could. With all of her air she finished the song, her song. As she regained her breath she heard someone call out. Thinking the person was looking for someone near the tower she didn't speak up. The only time anyone came anywhere near the tower was when the one man was bring her food water and the red liquid, and when that other man came to hurt her. And, very occasionally, when someone got lost. how fun that would be. To get lost somewhere. To have such a large place to explore that you did not know where you were. To have so many choices. However she was brought out of her mild daydream when the person called out again. No one had ever called out twice. Was there another reason the person was here? had they heard her singing? Were they talking to her?! Though she could barely contain her excitement she could only managed out a weak question to the girl who had called up to her.

    "Are you... talking to me?" She asked the person far below.

    "Yes. I heard your singing and came to find you. I love your voice." The person enjoyed her singing? She almost began to cry. but she wanted to say something so the person wouldn't leave.

    "Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my song." It was such a mild statement considering how excited she was.

    "My name is Saya. What is yours?" She didn't know what to say.

    "Name?" It took a moment for her to realize that she had thought that out loud.

    "Yes. Your name." She tried to think of something to call herself but could not think of anything. She had no name.

    "Do you not have one?"

    "No." Was the person going to leave now that they knew she didn't have a name. no, she didn't want them to leave. Would they please stay and speak to her more?

    "I'll name you then." She could not hear what else the girl said. But she did not need to. The girl was going to name her! She would have a name, and someone would give it to her! Before the person had said they liked her singing so she decided to sing for them to show her thanks for them deciding to give her a name. She sang as if it was the most important thing in her life. Putting extra effort into the making the song better. In a few moments the person spoke up.

    "I'll name you Diva!" She had a name! This was her name.

    "Diva? I am Diva?"

    "Yes. Diva. It is such a beautiful name, I think it suits you." She was beautiful? Really?

    "You think so?"

    "Mhm. We should be friends. Would you like to be friends?" Diva, that was her name, did not know what a "friend" was.

    "Friends? What is 'friends'?"

    "Being friends means you are joined together." Someone wanted to be joined to her?! Really?! She couldn't help but cry now. However she was no longer sad. For the first time in her life she was crying because she was happy. A feeling that she only felt a few times a year.

    "I see."

    "So, would you like to be friends?" Diva looked over at her plant. it was the only thing that she had, and she got up, walking over to the beautiful thing that had been the center of her life since it blossomed. She looked at it for a moment, then plucked it off of the the ivy and tossed it out the barred window. The plant traveled in a perfect path out the window, as if it was their friendship drawing closer. Saya, her friend, had given her a name and happiness. In return, she gave Saya the only thing that had been important to her. It wasn't as great a gift as the ones that her friend, Saya had given her, but she hoped that they would like it. Diva heard someone call to Saya, though she could not understand what they were saying.

    "I'm sorry, Diva. But I have to go now. I will come back tomorrow." Though Diva was sad that her friend was leaving Saya had told her she would be coming back. Someone was coming for her? Again?

    "I will talk to you tomorrow then Saya, my friend."

    "Goodbye Diva! Thank you for the rose!" Rose? A rose? Was that what the plant was called? Diva thought about what had just happened for such a long time that Saya must have been gone by the time she could think of what to say.

    "Goodbye... Saya. Thank you... for giving me myself..."

Posted by a-diva-chevalier at 7:23 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 12 February 2008 5:10 AM EST
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Topic: Fanfiction

It was the most beautiful singing Saya had ever heard. The voice, even when barely audible from somewhere deep in the castle, was always mesmerizing. It was like the song of a siren in one of those picture books that Saya had seen when she was little. Of course she hoped that when she found the singer that they wouldn't drag her to a watery grave but she was willing to risk it. The joke caused her to laugh a little bit as she ran through the various courtyards of the castle to find the singer. Though she heard the singing several times a week Saya had never once found the person who's perfect voice sange that song. The castles sand-colored walls made every room and courtyard look at least a little the same, and Saya was beginning to wonder if she should ask her father for a map of the castle so she could find her way around. The few key buildings she knew how to get around to. The buildings with her room, kitchen, ball room, and other important places had been shown to her long ago. But until she heard the singing Saya had never really explored the rest of the castle. The sun was blaring down on her but she felt no heat coming from it. It was Fall so the any warmth that the sun would send down was soon swept away by the strong winds that permeated the castle. It was strange to saya that someone with such a woderful voice would always be staying at the castle. They should be off traveling the world and letting everyone else hear her beuatiful voice. Maybe she liked it here. Either way Saya wanted to meet her and learn her name. After that she could tell everyone she knew about how wonderful a voice she had. Saya rounded a courtyard wall and could hear the voice getting louder- only to come face-to-face with a wall. Saya pouted for a second then lost the feeling of being upset to her curiosity of where to go next. She turned back towards the way she'd come and saw Haji.

    "Saya, where are you going?" He asked quietly.

    "I'm looking for the girl who sings that song. I can't wait to meet her."

    "The one who sings the song? I don't know where she is." Saya grabbed Haji's hand and pulled him along with her as she hurried down another path.

    "Come on! We'll look for her together!"

    "Saya, have you forgotten? It is time for lunch." The two came the a junction. There were three paths other than the one they came down to follow.

    "I'm not that hungry actually." Saya said, looking at each of the paths several times. There were so many ways to go she couldn't decide which one. Haji pulled away from Saya.

    "You go look for the person then. I'll tell the cook you don't want anything to eat." Saya shrugged then ran down one of the pathways while waving goodbye to Haji as she did so. The long ropes of ivy that clung to the walls on this path made it seem more ancient than the other parts of the castle. The stones that were used to walk on in most of the castle were covered slightly by the grass which had grown due to not many people coming this way. It was as if Saya was discovering some ancient secret that had been locked away for some mysterious reason. There was a corner about a yard in front of her and Saya ran to it, faster than she had been moving before. The voice was definitely getting louder. Had she found the person? Saya expected to see some marvelous stage. A huge crowd of people sitting around it, waiting desperately for the song to end so they could show just how much they enjoyed the singing. There would be long posts with decorations hanging from them, saying who it was that was singing, and how long they would be available before they had to continue touring the country. Instead, when Saya turned the corner, she saw a lone tower that shot up into the sky. There was nothing around it except for ivy and grass. A few plants had grown along the sides of the round edifice but showed no signs of having been planted there. It was as if no one had ever been here. But what would a person with such a wonderful singing voice be doing in such an isolated and lonely place? Saya approached the the tower slowly, making sure to keep her dress from dragging along the grass. She waited for the girl to finish the song with that magnificent finish of hers, then called up to her.

    "Hello?" She half-yelled up to them. There was no response.

    "Hello?" She said with a louder tone. After a few more moments of silence Saya heard a soft voice whisper down to her from the tower.

    "Are you... talking to me?" Saya smiled a bit, knowing that she had definitely found her.

    "Yes. I heard your singing and came to find you. I love your voice."

    "...Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed my song."

    "My name is Saya, what is yours?"

    "Name?" Saya thought she heard the girl's voice change a bit.

    "Yes. Your name." The girl said nothing for several seconds.

    "Do you not have one?"


    "I'll name you then. What should I call you?" The last sentence she said to herself in a whispering thought. The girl began to sing again and Saya started to think about how wonderful it would be to listen to her at a concert. That was it!

    "I'll name you Diva!" The singing stopped.

    "Diva? I am Diva?"

    "Yes. Diva. It is such a beautiful name, I think it suits you."

    "You think so?"

    "Mhm. We should be friends! Would you like to be friends?"

    "Friends? What is 'friends'?" Saya felt somewhat sad at Diva's question. Did she not have any friends? For someone with a voice like Diva's to have no friends, or even a name. It was something Saya couldn't comprehend.

    "Being friends mean you are joined to each other."

    "I see."

    "So, would you like to be friends?" For a few moments there was no answer, then a flower was tossed out a window at the top of the tower and fell right into Saya's hands. It was a blue rose. Saya had never seen such a beautiful thing. It smelled just as good as it looked.

    "I guess that's a yes." Saya said to herself.

Posted by a-diva-chevalier at 6:20 AM EST
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Topic: Fanfiction

Sometimes she wished the man would cut her enough to kill her. But he never did. The cuts always hurt like her arm was being cut off, but they were skin-deep. Did he enjoy hurting her? Why? What had she done wrong? There must be a reason she was locked up her all these years... there had to be, right?

    "When will he stop hurting me?" She asked the wall that still didn't respond. She always received water, food and a red liquid. She didn't know what it was because she had never heard anyone describe it. So she called it the red liquid. Strangely enough, she didn't need to drink much water. So she would always give some to the ivy that was growing on the walls of the prison-room. Whether it helped a lot or not she couldn't tell. But it made her feel better. She enjoyed taking care of it. Was she wrong? Was it wrong to take care of things? No one had ever taken care of her, so it must be, right? Then why did she enjoy taking care of the plant? Was she strange? Maybe that was the reason she was locked in this room; because she wasn't right. Maybe that was the reason the man always hurt her, to make her better. But it wasn't working. She still liked taking care of the plant. Why didn't anyone enjoy taking care of her? She pulled more of the cloak around her and breathed into it. The warm breath helped a bit, but soon dissipated. It was nighttime and so the only light that came through the barred window was moonlight. She rather liked moonlight. It was so pure and light. She had heard people describe that color before. What was it? So light and bright. !

    "White!" She said, raising her head and causing the hood to fall away from her face. The brisk air that assaulted her face was forgotten at her new discovery. The moonlight was pure white. Her lips moved up formed a wavy U-shape. She didn't know what that meant. It happened whenever she was happy, and she enjoyed it. The feeling made her feel good. But she could never remember how to make her face exactly that way. Whenever she did it on her own it didn't make her feel better. Her lips moved back into a straight line and she pulled the hood back over her face. Pure white. She liked saying that together. It reminded her of how happy she was when she got her white dress. Though it had faded over the many years of use she remembered vividly how perfect it had been when she first got it. It even had a blue stripe near the bottom that went all the way around of the dress. She was incredibly interested in that. It was such a good idea! Two colors on one thing! She wished her cloak had that. There were many holes in it and some spots were darker than others, but it wasn't like the dress, with it's pretty blue stripe. The top of her dress had several stains in it from when she let a little bit of the red liqud slip from her lips onto the dress by accident, and there was almost something beautiful made by it. Like a drawing. She had heard of drawings. There were lines that connected things and colors inside those lines. She could only imagine how pretty those must be. She wanted to draw. What could she use to draw? She looked around desperately for something to use but found nothing. There was nothing in the room except for her, her cloak, and the vines. So there was nothing to make lines with. She had already tried with her finger, but the rock didn't make lines when she did it. She curled herself up more and tried to fall asleep. That was all she did, sleep. Occasionally there were things while she dreamnt. Like she was awake, but she wasn't. What were they called? Dreams? Yes, that was it. Her favorite dream had been when she was able to float up to the barred window and go through it. She kept floating through a light sent down to her from the moon. Everything else around her was black but she was in light. The closer she got to the moon the better she felt. Then, when she made it to the moon, sure that it was finally time to leave the prison, she woke up. She didn't like that part. Maybe tonight she would make it to the moon. Her lips did the thing again as she drifted off to sleep.

Posted by a-diva-chevalier at 5:15 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 16 January 2008 6:02 AM EST
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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Topic: Fanfiction


    "Why do I have to stay here?" That was the thought she had held in her mind almost constantly since she could remember being trapped in this high and lonely tower. It was cold, she didn't know why. The cloak she had created from a sheet that was originally her bed was far from a suitable defense from this cold. All of her life she had been confined to this tower, poked and prodded every week by a man she didn't know and studied upon like she was a rat. 

    "Have I done something wrong? I'm sorry for whatever I did. Can I go now?" There was no answer, like the countless previous times she had asked the question to the stone walls of the tower. She stayed in a certain corner of the room most of the time when it was cold because it tended to be warmer than the others. Was it because someone was sending her heat? Was someone taking care of her?! He couldn't help but be excited at that. Maybe someone was trying to be nice to her. Maybe they wanted to help her! After a moment she couldn't help but cry a little. Of course no one cared about her. If they did, she wouldn't be stuck in this tower. Thinking about it, what was it like to be taken care of? She heard people talking in the courtyard below through her window sometimes. They would speak of how their families were worried about them when they stayed out too late. Did she have a family? The only people that ever came to see her was the mean man and someone by the name of Amshel who brought her food. Name. She wished she had a name. How wonderful it would be to be called by a name. She wanted a name, but didn't know what to call herself.

    "I want a name. May I have one?" There was no response from the wall, so she guessed not. The wall never actually spoke back to her, but sometimes she pretended she was talking to it. It helped her not feel so lonely. She heard footsteps coming up the stairs of the tower and knew it was that man with the things. They hurt, she didn't like them. They were small and they cut her. The footsteps echoed less and she knew the man had reached the top of the tower, not far away from her room. Hers. She had something. It was a pleasant feeling. She had something else too, a dress. It was hers. The color of it was so bright and pure that it made her feel good. Until she had worn it for a long time. Then it turned darker, muckier, and didn't make her feel good anymore. She heard a key clicking in the lock of the door and knew that soon the man with the small cutting things would be coming into her room. She didn't want them to. Why did they have to do this? What had she done wrong? She was sorry for it, she really was. She just wanted the man to stop hurting her. Why was he hurting her? From one of the holes in her "cloak" she could see the man closing the door and then walking towards her.

    "Why are you always hurting me?" She asked the man who had always hurt her. He gave no response and simply knelt down, putting a small bundle of fabric down on the ground. After unrolling it there were many small things that he had used to cut her lying on the unrolled fabric. She didn't know why he did that. Why did he hurt her? What had she done WRONG?! The man walked over to her and pulled her roughly over to him, pulling the cloak away so he could cut her more easily. She didn't struggle, she could never escape from this room, this prison. It was something that would never happen. All she could do was wait for him to finish hurting her and leave. Then she would be alone again. This wasn't fair. Why was she here?

Posted by a-diva-chevalier at 7:01 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 16 January 2008 6:05 AM EST
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There are only a few rules for this site. The first is to never insult Diva. If you're a Diva fan there's no reason for you to have done so to begin with. If you are not a fan of Diva and simply want to say how much you hate her, find somewhere else. You won't convince anyone to hate Diva by insulting her so don't even try. The second rule is to not descriminate against anyone. This includes racial, religous, sexist or any other general dislikes. A person is a person, that's all. That's all for now.

Posted by a-diva-chevalier at 6:38 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 16 January 2008 5:47 AM EST
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Topic: Diva bio

 Diva is the main antagonist of the Blood + anime series. She is the twin sister of the series' protaginst, Saya. The differences in their looks are Diva's paler skin color, longer hair, and blue eyes. She often acts childishly and does not worry about most things. Diva is a chiropteran queen. This means that she has the ability to turn a person into her chevalier by draining them of most of their blood and giving them some of her own. This also works if the person has little blood, it does not need to be Diva who caused the blood loss. In addition to this she has extremely powerful almost god-like physical abilities. If she drinks the blood of one of her chevaliers her wounds, if she has any, will be healed immediately. In addition to this, because chevaliers can never die unless exposed to the blood of the opposite sister to who created them they are a good source of blood for the two queens. Diva does not age anymore and has been alive for several hundreds of years. She occasionally has to go into a thirty-year sleep and can only be awoken by the blood of a chevalier.

Diva's first decades of life were spent in a tall tower with no connection to the outside except for a small barred window. She was occasionally brought food but had no name due to her being kept only as a research specimen and thus not needing one for experimentation. She enjoys singing and has a beautiful voice, which is what guided Saya to discover her in the tower and name her Diva. Because Diva literally had no real childhood she still acts very much like a child. Her near-invincibilty and strong physical properties means that she doesn't need to worry about negative consequences of her actions and thus her free-spirit is kept unchecked but for the care of her chevaliers. However, though she has almost anything she could want now, her not having anyone to love her in her life has made her extremely sad, though she does not realize it due to her constant spoiling by her chevaliers who only have such a commitment towards keeping her happy because her blood in their veins compels them to do so. In other words, they are merely extremely loyal bodyguards that will always protect her, not people that love her. Diva, throughout the series, fights with Saya on several occasions and never loses. Though their last battle ended with a technical loss on her side any information related to that will be omitted in the spirit of helping to keep her "alive".

Posted by a-diva-chevalier at 6:17 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 15 January 2008 6:34 AM EST
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The first rose
Kind of a tacky title but... you know. This is a site dedicated to Diva and I plan to at some point put up fanfictions about her as well, Though just about anyone that could find this site would know who Diva is i have put up a bio for her too. I haven't seen the whole show yet so if my information is off by a bit now you know why.

Posted by a-diva-chevalier at 6:03 AM EST
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