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I was going to make my own games with Java, but didn't know how, and happened upon a site that let me make these little games. They aren't deep, but they're something. In this game you have to bonk Jester as quickly as you can without hitting the rabbits. Clocks appear as well and hitting them gives you extra time.(5 sec.)
Make a game | Smash Jester | Free games | 
Vergil's gone crazy ever since he got hooked on guns and has locked himself in a storage room; shooting at anyone who enters. Defeat him and get him out of the way of the toilet paper rolls.
Make a game | Vergil's gone gunny | Free games | 
In this game that Diva would kill me for making if she were alive, you have to try to kick her across the flag by choosing the right angle and getting a strong kick.
Make a game | Diva Kick | Free games | 
This is the same game as the Diva one except it is even simpler.
Make a game | Kick in the right direction | Free games | 
Diva gets tired of singing for the day and decides to try something else- breakdancing.
Make a game | Tired of singing | Free games | 

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